Independent internal investigations + sufficiency reviews of police action

The demand for transparency and accountability is prompting governments, law enforcement agencies and oversight organizations to adapt how they investigate — and communicate — police activity, especially related to police-public interactions. An impartial, professional and timely review supports effective decision-making and demonstrates a commitment to accountability and transparency.

Our investigations are professional, unbiased and can withstand community claims of bias. Our investigators are capable of delivering investigations in high-stakes environments subject to intense public pressure and unrelenting media scrutiny. Our team has conducted independent internal investigations of allegations and critical incidents involving law enforcement agencies across the nation. We support your mission and enhance your relationship with the public you serve.

Sufficiency Review

Independent sufficiency reviews of your internal, administrative investigations to evaluate effectiveness, identify gaps and areas for improvement, offer advice for policy and procedure upgrades and provide transparency with key community stakeholders.

Independent Internal Investigations

Independent, unbiased review of the incident in a timely manner to support effective decision making. Investigation of internal or community allegations against police command, city executives, officers or civilian employees. Evaluation of citizen complaints; racial profiling or bias-based policing; dishonesty; Brady issues; integrity or corruption; contraband or drugs; crime and arrests; domestic violence; and sexual misconduct or harassment.